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🥇Lifeboost Coffee Walmart – Guiding Tips To Buy The Best Coffee

🥇Lifeboost Coffee Walmart – Guiding Tips To Buy The Best Coffee

Shopping for a good brand of coffee? Consider Lifeboost Coffee Walmart! This article will give you tips to pick up the best coffee in this supermarket chain!

 Lifeboost is known as a gourmet coffee brand with a delicious taste in America. So, is buying this coffee at Walmart a good idea? The answer is a “Yes”! Walmart is a reputable hypermarket chain. Therefore you can find high-quality coffee here, including Lifeboost ones.

In this article, we would like to tell you what types of Lifeboost Coffee Walmart are there, and tips for picking up the suitable one!

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Lifeboost Coffee Walmart – What Types Are There?

On Lifeboost’s official website, you can see the variety of its product like light, medium, dark, decaffeinated coffee (whole bean and ground). However, at Walmart, you can find only two types of this brand: Lifeboost coffee whole bean (medium and dark roast) and Lifeboost coffee ground (dark roast).

Lifeboost Bring To Coffee Lovers A Dream Taste

Lifeboost Bring To Coffee Lovers A Dream Taste

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean

Lifeboost send to Walmart two representatives in whole bean types coffee: medium roast and dark roast. Both of these types have the same manufacturing process of spring water washed and sundried. The roasting process made each type a typical aftertaste! We suggest you try them both to see their dedicated minor differences.

The great feature of these coffee beans is the low acid and soft taste. Therefore, this is a perfect solution for people with sensitive stomachs or those who have dental issues.

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Lifeboost Coffee Ground

Unfortunately, buyers can find only one representative of Lifeboost coffee ground at Walmart- the dark roast. This sort has the same washing process and roasting profile as its peer on Walmart.

The great feature we love about this ground coffee is that drinkers can make a cup of coffee without the need for a grinder. Such a convenience!


Why Should You Buy Lifeboost Coffee At Walmart?

There are reasons for you to buy Lifeboost coffee at Walmart:

Manufacturer’s Price

Walmart is popularly known as one of the biggest retailers in America. This hypermarket assures its buyers the most affordable price because of its strong relationships with suppliers. Therefore, you can buy Lifeboost coffee here almost at the manufacturer’s price, around 75 dollars for a bag of 340 grams.

High-quality Product

Although, the Lifeboost coffee at Walmart is original. We will suggest you check its expiry date before buying. This date for coffee is normally one year from the manufacturing date. And the best time to purchase the product when its shelf life is not less than 2 or 3 months.

High-quality Customer Service From Manufacturer

Even though purchasing Lifeboost coffee from Walmart, customers still can receive customer care from the Lifeboost company.

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Lifeboost Coffee Reviews

We have read a lot of feedback saying how people like Lifeboost Coffee. The majority of customers were impressed with the delicious taste of the coffee. Especially coffee lovers who had to stop drinking coffee to avoid high acid levels in their stomachs can now find a solution.

A minority of customers complained about the lack of bitter taste of this coffee. Unfortunately, you won’t find many reviews of this coffee brand at the Walmart online store. You can check customers’ feedback on how good this coffee brand is on other online trading platforms.

Lifeboost Coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Most Important Qualities of Lifeboost Coffee Walmart

Lifeboost Organic Coffee

The healthiest coffee. We would say that this is the best coffee for your health due to its non-chemical planting process. The beans even passed the test for heavy metals, pesticides. And the low acid concentration of the beans makes it a perfect option for coffee lovers who have stomach and teeth issues.

Single-origin. Most coffee drinkers don’t know that the coffee they buy from stores is mixed. It means manufacturers mixed different types of beans in the same packet to create a mixture of taste and flavor. But, Lifeboost Coffee comes to the store with its single-origin. Every single bean is harvested from the same farm, going through the same process to give coffee lovers an unordinary taste.

Shade-grown. The Lifeboost Coffee beans carry all features of arabica beans, including shade-farming. So the coffee will get ripe in the place with little sunlight. On the other hand, this type of farming also helps reduce soil erosion. The coffee tree can utilize the fertilizer made of leaves from surrounding trees which is environmentally friendly.

No mycotoxins. The mycotoxin is a common toxic in many living substances, and they are born by fungus. Using mycotoxins for a long time can lead to inflammatory disease and kidney problems. More seriously, it can cause chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In Lifeboost Coffee, there were no mycotoxins found due to the third-party tests.

Delicious taste. Try one sip of this coffee, and we bet you can’t give up the cup because it offers a strong and bold taste. To create this special flavor, the farmers grew the coffee trees on Nicaragua mountains, then washed them with spring water before drying under the natural solar heat.

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Lifeboost Decaf Coffee

If you are allergic to caffeine, then try Decaf one. Of course, you still get the same taste of coffee, but the caffeine is very low. To make this “low-caffeine” drink, the bean had to go through a process where its caffeine was removed (around 97 percent). When you drink this decaf coffee, add some cream and sugar to make it taste more yummy.

Lifeboost Coffee Review: Pros And Cons

In this part, we will briefly review the benefits and drawbacks of Lifeboost coffee. Details as below:


  • Have a wide range of types with different flavors for customers to choose
  • Delicious, good aftertaste
  • Contain low-acid
  • Does not have mycotoxin and pesticide
  • Organic origin
  • Make a perfect cold brew coffee
  • Provide decaf coffee for users who are sensitive to caffeine


  • Quite expensive compared to other coffee brands
  • Simple packaging

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The Bottom Line!

Although being a bit pricey, Lifeboost Coffee is worth a try. Unfortunately, this coffee brand only has a few representatives at Walmart. But we are sure that it is a smart customer approach from this brand, as they let buyers get an acquaintance with their typical taste of coffee first before tasting their other flavors. Finally, we hope our topic about Lifeboost Coffee Walmart has given you tips to buy the best coffee at Walmart!

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