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How to Make French Press Coffee

This is how to get the best results with a French Press we’re looking for a really delicious cup of coffee with none of the silty, sludgy stuff at the bottom.

How to Make French Press Coffee

Step one: Don’t be in a hurry

If you are in a hurry this isn’t going to work for you, this is a really great way of making coffee but it is not quick you need a little bit of patience that will be rewarded.

Step two: Acquire excellent coffee

You need to get some delicious coffee, delicious means fresh like freshly roasted and then you have to grind it fresh if you want the best possible experience this will work with pre-ground coffee but it won’t taste as good as it could so grind fresh coffee.

Step three: Pick your recipe

I would recommend starting from 2 to 2.5 ounces per liter, though how you like it it’s up to you.

Step four: Get some digital scales

Get some digital weighing scales this is gonna seem insane but I promise you it’s incredibly useful, there are two reasons to use it you brew coffee that tastes really good and you want to do that every single time you brew it and therefore knowing what you did is the way to get there, the alternative is you brew a bad cup of coffee now you know what you’re changing when you try something different the next time and it will make life so much easier.

Step five: Use fresh, filtered water

Start with fresh clean soft water don’t brew with hard water don’t brew with unfiltered water if it doesn’t taste delicious on its own it’s not gonna make a great tasting coffee.

The Technique

So here how this is going to work, you ground your coffee put it in the French Press ignore what most people say don’t grind super coarse, grind something more like medium, boil your water and don’t worry too much about this as much as long it is boiled and then pour the right amount of water on top.

You might brew 1 ounce of coffee to 500 ml of water and then you have to let it sit for 4 minutes, just hang out and wait be patient, now we are going to grab a couple of tablespoons with one of them we are going to stir the crust that forms on top of the coffee a lot of it will start to fall away and then you will be left with some bits on top some foam, some floating bits you want to scoop them off and throw them down the sink.

Now, this is the part which seems difficult I want you to do nothing at all for at least 5 minutes. Now, this is a little frustrating because you feel like you’ve brewed the coffee but even if you pour it into the cup it is too hot to drink right now and the longer you leave it the better it’s going to taste.

As you sit all of those floating bits start to fall down to the bottom of the press and settle in that bed of coffee this is exactly what we want we don’t want those in the cup we want those bits to be stuck down at the bottom of the cafetiere.

After five, six or maybe eight minutes now you can drink it when you put the plunger in do not plunge al the way otherwise all you will end up doing is stir up or agitate the sediment which on the bottom, so just plunge it till it is sitting on the top of the coffee. You can use this as a strainer in case there are any big pieces that are still floating around but shouldn’t really need it and then gently pour the coffee through into the cup.

This will be the most delicious silt, a sludge-free cup of coffee you get from a French Press. Enjoy!

Happy Brewing!

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