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Coffee Grinders: Complete Buying Guide for July 2019

Fresh is the best!

That is why you should always grind your own coffee. Freshly ground coffee is more flavourful making your coffee tantalizing. But there is no way you can easily grind without a coffee grinder.


A coffee grinder gives you the freedom and ability to prepare your coffee as you want it. The ability to grind super fine, fine, medium to fine, coarse to fine and coarse grind size allows you to prepare espresso, Turkish coffee, auto drip, Moka pot, French press, cold brew to Aeropress.

However, buying a coffee grinder isn’t easy. Luckily, we have done the hard work for you. In this post, we have reviewed 29 coffee grinders! So whether you are looking for a coffee maker with a grinder, a burr or a blade grinder, manual or automatic, we have something for you.

First off, Baratza Encore is the best of the best in the burr grinders, coming with 40 settings and 8 ounces’ bean container capacity. For new coffee hobbyists, this is their machine.

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The Fresh Grind Difference

One of the easiest ways to improve the taste of home brewed coffee is to grind whole coffee beans fresh immediately before brewing.

The basis for grinding coffee beans is to generate a larger surface area for the hot water to extract the flavor and oils from the beans.

If coffee is ground too far in advance, the exposure to air causes the flavor to be released making for a weak cup of coffee when the grounds are brewed.

Coffee starts to lose flavor and aroma within hours of being ground, so even pre-ground coffee stored in airtight containers is not as fresh and flavorful as freshly ground whole bean coffee.

For the widest grinding range with the most precision, it is recommended to grind with a conical burr grinder. However, for more economical options a disk or blade grinder can also be utilized.

Coffee Grind Size and Brewing Methods

Best Coffee Grinders for July 2019 – Burr, Blades, and Manual

Quick Summary: The Best Coffee Grinders

In case you are extremely in a hurry to read the detailed reviews below, here is a quick look into the best coffee grinder in each category.

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

OXO On Conical Burr Coffee Grinder with Integrated Scale

  • Built-in scale so you can always use just the right amount of coffee
  • Automatic shutoff guarantees the precise amount of coffee every time
  • Overheating detection offers prolongs the grinder’s life
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Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr, Black

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

  • 16 different settings for a variety
  • Built-in timer
  • Can hold up to eight ounces of beans
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Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Entry-level grinder for coffee aficionados
  • 40 different grind settings
  • The motor keeps the beans cool during extended grind times
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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill - 'Skerton'

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill

  • Easy to use, carry, and clean
  • Perfect entry-level manual coffee grinder
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JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

  • Grind selector has 18+ grind settings
  • Compact and portable design
  • Best for travel trips
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3E Home Manual Canister Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill Grinder, Stainless Steel Top and Ceramic Body

3e Home Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder

  • Good looks and resealable storage
  • Lets you control the fineness of your grind
  • Portable storage
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Regarding blade grinders, KitchenAid BCG111OB is top of the pile in terms of convenience and performance. Keep in mind that it’s affordable and doesn’t emit a lot of noise during operation.

Lastly, the best coffee maker with grinder may be the Breville Grind Control which comes with flat stainless steel burrs, drip coffee maker, programmable settings, and a lot more high-end features as we will reveal in this review later on.

10 Best Automatic/Electric Burr Coffee Grinders

#1. Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 40 mm
  • Grinding Speed: 550 RPM
  • Power rating: 240 Watts
  • Capacity: 8 oz (227g) bean hopper/5 oz (142g) ground bin
  • Grind settings: 40
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for Manual grinding operation

For a quiet and timed grinding operation, you may consider the Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder. Baratza Virtuoso combines the stainless steel burrs with its efficient low-speed motor to produce accurate grinding results, and consistently.

That’s why you will be able to have your brew style of choice given that the 40-stepped grind adjustments offer you the chance to change to any style; from fine to coarse textures of grounds.

Again, the motor auto-shutoff switch ensures that the device turns itself off in case the motor overheats, which is important for a safe coffee making experience.

The timer switch helps you grind the exact same amount of coffee. And because it’s compact in design, there is no need to worry about lots of space while using it or during storage.


  • Very easy to operate
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Low torque motor for efficient grinding


  • A bit expensive given that its performance and that of the Encore aren’t significantly different.

#2. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr

Key Features

  • Burr size: commercial-grade solid conical burrs
  • Grinding Speed: <450 RPM
  • Power rating: 100 Watts
  • Grind settings: 16
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for: Grinding larger quantities of coffee to satisfy a crowd of coffee lovers

Capresso Infinity is particularly constructed to meet the accurate grinding needs of the commercial industry.

Infinity uses a multiple gear reduction motor that not only produces slow grinding action for high-quality fine and coarse coffee grind but also emits less noise and minimizes the static build-up during operation.

While the commercial-level conical steel burrs ensure the quality of grind is not compromised, the easily-removable upper burr makes for easy cleaning of the device.

Another good aspect you are going to like this product by Capresso for is that each of the 16 settings can be adjusted up to four levels – coarse, extra fine, fine and medium.

The trusted safety lock system will enable the unit to shut down automatically in case the upper burr isn’t locked. this is key for the safety of the person using it and if you have toddlers around, you are surely at peace.


  • Compact design takes less kitchen space
  • Auto-shut off system ensures safe operation
  • Makes less noise due to slow-action motor


  • Cleaning can be a bit problematic

#3. Oxo BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinderwith Integrated Scale

Key Features

  • Burr size: <40mm
  • Power rating: 120 Watts
  • Capacity: 12 oz bean hopper/4 oz ground bin
  • Grind settings: 15
  • Warranty Period: 2 Years Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for small budgets

The unique aspect with this unit is the built-in scale which becomes handy when measuring the amount or weight of coffee that has been ground in a specific time.

This Oxo machine combines the use of a shut-off mechanism that controls the amount of coffee ground each time. It has a high-torque, low-speed motor that doesn’t overheat your precious beans and it’s static-less. This feature is complemented by the built-in overheating detection that protects the motor to ensure a prolonged lifespan.

With an LCD display making it a timeless device, you will be able to easily key in any settings, number of cups, grind settings, and timer for a smooth operation.


  • Affordable
  • Quieter than Capresso


  • Not dishwasher safe

#4. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 40mm
  • Grinding Speed: 450 RPM
  • Power rating: 70 Watts
  • Capacity: 8 oz bean hopper/5 oz ground bin
  • Grind settings: 40
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for: a starting home coffee hobbyist

Baratza brand is known for its award-winning coffee grinders and this Encore is one of them. Encore boasts 40 different ways to brew your coffee in all available styles. And since it is small-sized, your little countertop space will just be enough for holding it as you operate. The product is known to be reliable in its overall performance as long as you keep and maintain it properly.

Looking at the details of this model, you will be satisfied with its 450 RPMs and the 40mm conical burrs which are the key to its grind quality and consistency.

Although the espresso enthusiasts may not be as thrilled with this grinder, it has great value for money, it’s easy to clean and good for the coffee hobbyist entrants.


  • Great value for money
  • Good for entry level coffee lovers


  • May not be the best for brewing the fine espresso coffee

#5. Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder – Electronic Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 40mm
  • Grinding Speed: 730 RPM
  • Capacity: 7.75 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 12
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for budget home brewing

This is the next of the electric coffee grinders with a reliable output. It features the push button and a preset timer and combines this with its 12-step adjustment settings to enable you to get the quality of coffee you want between coarse to fine grinds.

This grinder has a good reputation when it comes to handling the static issues as it comes with a static-free borosilicate glass catcher. This material doesn’t allow the fine coffee grounds to cling on it, unlike the plastic designs.

The conical burrs of this grinder don’t slice the beans like the ordinary blade grinder, but rather crush them. Hence, the aroma and flavor of the coffee are kept intact which is likely going to be exciting for a coffee brewing enthusiast.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean due to removable parts
  • Very fine grind


  • No preset settings; only a timer
  • Not good for coarse grounds

#6. Krups GX420851 Coffee Grinder with Scale, 39 grind settings, large 14 oz capacity, intuitive interface

Key Features

  • Burr size: 40mm
  • Power rating: 200 watts
  • Capacity: 14 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 39
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for: grinding large capacity for a whole bag of coffee

There are reasons why many households are grabbing this device. First, because the grinder has been known to deliver the consistent grind size all through. Coffee extraction with Auto-Dose Grinder technology is just superb. And this can be attributed to its powerful 200-watt motor.

Krups Auto Dose produces 39 grind sizes – whether you are looking for the espresso, pour over, coffee drip, cold-brew or French press – you will not be disappointed. The integrated scale on your Auto-Dose Grinder on the hand ensures that your grind quantities are accurately measured for an organized production cycle.

The easy to operate user interface allows you to choose the exact number of coffee cups, grams or ounces and the grinder does the remaining job automatically. If you want to control a grinding cycle totally, feel free to switch to the manual mode.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Large bean capacity


  • The overall design may be a kind of flimsy
  • The design makes it difficult to clean it

#7. Baratza Forte BG Flat Steel Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 54mm
  • Grinding Speed: 1950 RPM
  • Power rating: 130 watts
  • Capacity: 10 oz bean hopper/6 oz grounds bin
  • Grind settings: 260
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for: upgrading your coffee making prowess to the next level. If you want to obtain a wide range of quality brew styles using a timeless device.

This grinder by Baratza offers a high-performance industrial grinding solution. Its flat steel burrs that measure 54mm say it all.

The multiple preparation methods (260 to be precise) give the coffee enthusiast all that they need to perfect their coffee making art and therefore, brew coffee in a wide range of styles including coffee for the pour over, batch, and home brewers.

A combination of the 1950 rpm with the 54mm flat burrs puts you completely on the highest level of coffee preparation.

The device comes with a digital display and a backlit LCD touch screen that is easy to read.

You can also feed in the number of cups and grams you want to brew and sit to watch as the process happens. When you want to clean the device, just remove the burrs and clean easily. Without forgetting, the high-torque motor is capable of grinding coffee twice as long as the other models of Baratza.


  • Powerful and quiet operation
  • Large, high-quality burrs for quality grinds


  • May take you time to understand the many settings
  • It is a pricey product

#8. Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 50mm
  • Grinding Speed: 1725 RPM
  • Power rating: 166 watts
  • Capacity: 10.4 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 55
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for Brewing perfect homemade espresso brew without compromise on the quality standards.

Nothing can be taken away from Rancilio Rocky as it combines its high-end features to pull out a legendary performance, and on a consistent basis.

The noiseless robust motor is for sure created for the commercial purpose.

It is powerful and the fact that it has a thermal protection mechanism to shut it down when overheating explains why this Rocky Grinder is safe for use.

Ensure that you monitor the bean level inside the transparent hopper. This hopper can lift easily making it simple to clean it.

You will exercise maximum control over the methods of preparing your coffee – this grinder has 55 different ways to give you anything ranging from espresso to drip to French press coffee brewing.


  • Factory tested for quality assurance
  • Efficient, noiseless motor


  • Large and requires prior space consideration

#9. Breville B CG820BSSXL The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

Key Features

  • Burr size: 40mm
  • Grinding Speed: 450 RPM
  • Power rating: 165 watts
  • Capacity: 18 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 60
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best suited for versatility

If you like versatile tools which are easy to operate, then get the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. Is it espresso grind or super coarse coffee ground you are looking up to? This machine will deliver just any grind size you want.

Breville Smart makes use of its long-lasting high-quality burrs plus the unique 60 step adjustment settings to maximize the potential of your brew.

What’s more, the grinder comes with a clear and concise LCD screen to make your life easier as you select grind settings, time or number of shots and cups.

For purposes of convenience, the removable hopper can be lifted for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

The Breville Smart grinder is not just a high performer, the stainless steel housing and conical burrs are a mark of great quality and durability.


  • Housing and burrs are constructed with high-quality stainless steel for durability
  • Easily programmable settings


  • Not good for producing coarse grinds

#10.Top-Rated Bellemain Burr Coffee Grinder with 17 Settings for Drip, Percolator, French Press and Turkish Coffee Makers

Key Features

  • Grinding Speed: 550 RPM
  • Power rating: 100 watts
  • Capacity: 7 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 17
  • Warranty Period: 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Best for: if your grinder doesn’t last like expected, you have 2 years within which you can make a replacement.

True coffee lovers cannot go wrong with this Bellemain Top Rated Burr Coffee Grinder. First, you have a whole 17-adjustable grind level settings which provide you with the freedom to prepare what your morning menu demands.

From the perfect espresso grounds to the French press and the cold brews, you will be able to get exactly what you have been craving for long.

The grinder can work on its own while you rest or do other things – just set to the hands-free mode and let your machine grind your beans to the perfect degree of fineness.

The auto shut feature enables the grinder to stop running once the job is done.

Many people prefer a grinder that is easy to clean and maintain and this one fits that bill. It comes with removable parts (the ground cups, hopper lid, and grinding disk) that can be easily lifted, cleaned and maintained without hassle.


  • A user-friendly machine
  • Has auto shut-off feature
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Can become a bit messy

5 Best Automatic/Electric Blade Coffee Grinders

#1. KitchenAid BCG111OB Blade Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Grinding Speed: 450 RPM
  • Power rating: 160 watts
  • Capacity: 7 oz bean hopper
  • Grind settings: 15
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best for quality homemade coffee-making

With just one touch of a button, this coffee grinder puts in a consistent performance you will definitely like.

The grinder is extremely attractive to the eye even before you start operating it on your counter.  Make use of the transparent cover of the grinder to check what is going on with your contents. On top of this, you will be amazed and satisfied with the capacity of this device.

It is basically a family type with the capacity to produce coffee enough for 12 cups at a time. With a powerful motor that works efficiently without emitting noise, this coffee grinder is going to be the real deal in your quiet-loving kitchen.


  • Stainless steel parts make it durable
  • Sleek, elegant design that will match your kitchen décor


  • Its construction looks somehow flimsy

#2. Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, Black (Limited Edition)

Key Features

  • Grinding Speed: 20,000 RPM (with no beans in the chamber)
  • Power Voltage: 110/120 Watts
  • Capacity: 8 oz
  • Grind settings: 3
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best for: the functions in the kitchen with no excessive coffee habit

We must mention that Mr. Coffee is very versatile; being able to grind spices, nuts, and even grains if you need extra flavor and taste to your coffee.

You can prepare up to 12 cups of fresh coffee really quick because the grinder comes with a large capacity. The grinder also features programmable settings that allow you to get different levels of grind.

The grinding chamber is easy to lift off and clean. Since it is dishwater safe, you will be able to wash it with a peace of mind given that it won’t rust.

What’s more, the grinder comes with a one year guarantee which if you check against its price, you would think this is a great deal.


  • Very quiet
  • Easy to use


  • Not easy to clean

#3. SHARDOR Electric Coffee Grinder, Removable Stainless Steel Bowl

Key Features

  • Power Rating: 200 watts
  • Capacity: 2.5 oz bean capacity
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best for portability

The stainless steel blade on Shardor Coffee Grinder ensures that a coffee enthusiast enjoys the nice original taste of coffee because the blade doesn’t lose the flavor.

It is powerful and grinds the beans quickly and evenly to give you a quality brew for the morning. Make no mistake in the design of this device. The sleek and elegant appearance is attractive to the eye and while you make the coffee, observe the grinding through the transparent lid.

Then you can always make sure that your coffee is on the required thickness by using the lid activated safety switch to adjust the consistency of your grinds.


  • Versatile and easy to maintain
  • Lightweight hence easily portable


  • Not suitable for a large coffee loving family

#4. Quiseen One-Touch Electric Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Power Rating: 110 Watts
  • Capacity: 2.5 oz
  • Grind settings: 17
  • Best for a budget pick

This grinder is a budget buy but its capacity will leave you completely satisfied. Most of the cheap products suck, but not this grinder. Its design combines a compact body with a non-slip area for holding it in place; you will want to carry this grinder to trips due to its small size.

It is interesting to get a mill at this price being able to yield between 7 or 8 coffee cups and on top of that have a safety lock lid and a built-in area for the storage of a power cord. These features are present in this model.

This versatile grinder works fast and efficiently just by the push of a button. So, if you are an amateur in the coffee sector, you will likely find it easy to bode in.


  • Fast and efficient grinding
  • Affordable


  • The grinder of its quality without an LCD display is unexpected

#5. Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder with 2 Stainless-Steel Blades Removable Bowl (2-Year Warranty)

Key Features

  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Power rating: 110 watts
  • Grind settings: 17
  • Warranty Period: 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Best for: consistent customizability and sleek design making for an excellent addition to the kitchen.

Secura, this beautiful stainless steel grinder has some of the excellent features you may wish to get from a good machine.

The build of this grinder is reliable and durable because stainless steel is known for its rust resistant qualities.

The design is a compact one like most of the ones we have already seen above so fitting on the smallest countertop is not going to be an issue and once you are done with it, you can neatly pack it into the cabinet.

This model comes with a removable bowl, the first for grinding and the other for chopping. This bowl should be lifted off and cleaned regularly. And with detachable grinding cups, Secura Electric has enough for an exciting coffee making experience.


  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Not the best grinder for a coarse blend

8 Best Manual Coffee Grinders

#1. Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – “Skerton”

Key Features

  • Ceramic conical burrs for a uniform grind
  • Ergonomic design
  • Best for fast manual coffee making compared to others in this category

This is the first of the manual coffee grinder types you can try out. With this model, like all manual products in this category, is quiet, inexpensive, mess-free and lightweight.

It comes as a hand grinder that will give you the exact performance you want as far as producing a great taste quality is concerned, whether your goal is to produce a fine Turkish grind or cold brew.

The size of this grinder is bigger than most other hand-held devices. And so does its capacity. This, together with the lower price, is a go-for device for any person beginning out on coffee.


  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet grinder


  • Glass body can easily break

3#. Peugeot 31152 Antique Coffee Mill

Key Features

  • Lifetime warranty
  • High-quality classic hardwood housing
  • Stainless steel mechanism
  • Hopper Capacity: 11 oz

This is a classical version of the coffee mills which can be traced back to the historic times around the Peugeot legacy in the 1840s. Today, we still can talk about these traditional devices that come with a beech wooden body and grinding steel that definitely is durable and does just the perfect job when it comes to crushing the beans and grinding them to the grind size of your liking.

Talk of the espresso, or the French press, this grinder can prepare what you love – the fresh and delicious coffee and in a matter of minutes, you will have your drink on the table for the morning meal.

This hand-held device is easy and comfortable to operate once you understand the art of handling it. You need to carefully go through the instructions before you start using it despite it being just a manual tool.

The most amazing aspect to this tool is that it comes with a lifetime warranty on its operational mechanism while you can always return the body or casing of the machine once it is damaged within 5 years.


  • Lifetime warranty for mechanism and 5 years for the body is a good deal
  • Sleek and classic design


  • Slightly expensive

#3. IMAVO Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder – Roller Grain Mill Manual Coffee Grinders

Key Features

  • Classic vintage design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Ceramic iron burr

Just like the previous model, IMAVO points us back into the ancient with this beautiful piece of innovation.

Looking at the design, there is a lot of vintage in art. And everyone wants to have such a device in their homes or offices for decoration. That aside, this grinder has ceramic iron burr which is capable to prepare grinds quickly and easily.

There is nothing good like working on something that feels easy and comfortable to do. That is exactly what it feels like operating this grinder.

Don’t think that only electric grinder models can handle a variety of ingredients. IMAVO Manual Coffee grinder is a versatile selection tool that can be used for dry spices, herbs, nuts, etc.

There is something you need to note about this device, actually, it is a conversation starter. This may not seem to be an important thing but for devout coffee takers, it means much.

Use the ergonomic handle to help with grinding your coffee beans.


  • Ergonomic handles for efficient operation
  • Versatile


  • Very small capacity – just less than a cup ground capacity

#4. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder – Conical Burr Mill, Brushed Stainless Steel

Key Features

  • Grind selector has 18+ grind settings
  • Compact and portable design
  • Best for travel trips

Among the best handheld grinders, we have come to know, JavapPresse has is always a part of the mix. And if you are a sojourner, tucking this grinder in your bag isn’t the hardest of jobs.

Your grind consistency won’t be compromised. In fact, you will get anything starting from the coarsest to the finest qualities of coffee.

Besides being able to fit easily in a bag, the tall and slender device hardly takes up your space on the countertop.

Your hiking or backpacking trips shouldn’t be the times when you miss coffee. This device will be your perfect companion so that you keep your lifestyle of coffee alive even in the bushes.


  • Affordable price
  • Compact and portable


  • Very slow for grinding espresso

#5. Aromory Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

Key Features

  • 15-stepped adjustment settings
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Capacity up to 5 cups of coffee

Aromory manual Coffee Bean Grinder is the perfect companion for those of us looking for complete control over the grinding process.

You can make the coffee grind of your liking – the 15 settings can be explored to ensure that most grinds are produced if not all of them.

As we speak, many kitchens are starting to stock their spaces with this coffee grinder that makes almost no noise. Another point to note about the manual coffee bean grinder is that it can be an ideal solution when you decide to go for backpacking and camping. This is due to their small sizes which you can comfortably keep in a bag and you are good to go.

A lifetime warranty placed on this product is an indication that the product will serve you perfectly. Such warranties usually reveal a lot about the quality of particular coffee grinders.


  • Great value for less money
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Nothing That We Can Find

#6. Khaw-Fee HG1B Manual Coffee Grinderwith Conical Ceramic Burr

Key Features

  • Stainless steel and ceramics for durable parts
  • Adjustable from Turkish coffee to French Press
  • Lifetime warranty

While most manual grinders are constructed using plastic and nylon parts, Khaw-Fee HG1B is right in the heart of its greatness.

It’s designed from the ceramic and stainless steel materials which are good for increased durability.

People usually complain of noise coming from some grinders, especially electric types. Well, not the case for this one, it is a super-quiet model that allows you to prepare delicious coffee very early in the morning before other people wake up and they won’t even hear you at all.

Don’t be afraid to make anything you want to have for the day. The easy to grasp settings of this hand-held grinder can be adjusted to help you make your perfect espresso, French press, drip, pour over, etc. within the shortest time.

You should be happy with your newly-acquired machine but if not, just keep calm – this item comes with a lifetime warranty. Return the faulty device and receive back your money in full without questions.

So make sure that you get this durable, high-performance device and take your coffee making skills to the next level.


  • Durable parts like the burrs
  • Super-quiet


  • Holds just under one cup of beans

#7. KONA Manual Coffee Grinder – Best Conical Burr Spice Herb Pepper Mill with Professional Grade Ceramic Burrs

Key Features

  • 18 click adjustable burrs
  • Static-free
  • High-density conical burrs

You could be looking for a much smaller grinder for coffee. And this Kona Grinder is the other option you can try out.

Designed with the flawless stainless steel shaft, a plastic top, and a glass bottom, this grinder has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and handle it. It is among the durable grinders on the market because its conical burrs can resist high temperature, intense wear, and corrosion.

Besides that, this model is a sleek and elegant design inspired by top Baristas from across the world. The fact that the grinder is smaller than any other in this category makes it great for traveling. To clean the device, just simply disassemble the removable parts.


  • Great for backpacking trips
  • Easy to clean


  • Small capacity

#8. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • A stainless steel body
  • Ceramic conical burrs

Porlex products are fast infiltrating the markets. The design of this product features a stainless steel housing, with ceramic, conical burrs – all these are full of quality and therefore are poised to last for long.

This grinder has been known to produce some of the best coffee products around. Depending on your personal preferences, you can make anything you want and drink. Options range from the fine to coarse and everything in between.

Therefore, just adjust the settings to get the level of consistency you needed for your coffee. You may want to have the smooth and fine espresso or the coarse-textured cold brew, the key is to use the controls on your device to control the consistency of your coffee.

You may need to work harder for fine coffee, so prepare for the labor. Being a compact, lightweight and portable design, robust and long-lasting with excellent consistency, this grinder is a must-have in the kitchen.


  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Easy to operate


  • Inconsistent grind size for espresso

6 Best Coffee Makers with Grinders

#1. KRUPS Grind and Brew Auto-start Coffee Maker – Builtin Burr Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • 5-setting conical burr
  • Keep-warm feature
  • Auto-start function

This modern-day technology coffee maker has attracted much attention thanks to its sleek, conventional appearance.

Its design, having been crafted from the stainless steel, and on top covered with tough easy-to-clean plastic, you can be sure that coffee making is not going to stop soon.

Because these materials make it officially durable and can last as long as you maintain it properly. The 5 grind level settings are going to be key for you to bring on the table your drink of choice.

Use the LCD display on your coffee maker to easily control what you want to do by quickly dialing the buttons.

The keep-warm feature gives you hot coffee even after two hours after brewing. With the removable gold-tone filter, you are assured of easy coffee making and cleaning after you finish the job.


  • It’s durable
  • The auto-shut feature ensures a safe, properly controlled operation


  • It shows some flimsiness after a short time

#2. BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

Key Features

  • Elaborate programming settings
  • LCD display for easy reading
  • Auto shut function

You will want to get the Black and Decker 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker if taking hotter drinks is your thing.

Because just like the one above, it can brew and keep your coffee hot for 2 hours. And when it comes to user-friendliness, there are no many models for easy-to-operate functionalities like this coffee maker.

The backlit LCD display is clear for easy reading and choosing the programs you want. Key advantages of this model include very quick brew time, a thorough manual for instructions, controls are easy to master and an auto shut-off feature.

You could dislike the difficult to access the water tank.


  • Very quick brewing
  • Thorough manual for instructions
  • Controls are easy to master


  • Difficult to access the water tank

#3. Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker – Conical Burr Grinder and Thermal Carafe

Key Features

  • Stainless steel conical burrs
  • Two brewing options: brew mode and grind mode
  • 5-step settings
  • 1-year warranty

Sharpen your art of coffee making by getting the Capresso 465 which doesn’t just collect coffee into the carafe, but it does the job quite perfectly because it is the right machine for coffee brewing.

It won’t disappoint now that it’s been fused with a grinder right in its system.

You will be able to experience the real coffee filled with aroma, flavor and unrivaled taste.

It comes with an elegant compact design with stainless steel conical burrs efficient in their job.


  • High-quality coffee
  • Saves time due to automatic operation


  • Requires cleaning almost every time

#4. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica – Super-Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

Key Features

  • Burr with 13-adjustable settings
  • A robust control panel with programmable menu settings
  • Power rating: 1,150 watts
  • Bean hopper capacity: 7.1 oz

Taking fresh delicious coffee every morning requires absolute commitment in preparing it.

DeLonghi Magnifica is a machine you want to test with. It has 13 adjustable settings which can be set to get the right quality of coffee one needs for his or her morning drink. Without doubt, this device is the most expensive on the list but your money will get back its value.

This device doesn’t keep you waiting to stop brewing before starting the steaming process – the two happen at the same time.

A result of a very powerful efficient motor this device possesses. The dial controls are easy to work with. Talking about espresso machines, this one is out to make you a special person.


  • Low failure rates
  • Powerful motor for efficient operation


  • Very pricey

#5. Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker – Brushed Stainless Steel

Key Features

  • Steep and Release technology
  • LCD screen for settings
  • 8 grind settings
  • Capacity 59 oz

While this Breville is an expensive model, its price represents only half that of Magnifica that we have reviewed above.

The performance and control of this coffee brewer is the first rate and doesn’t present any major hurdles to operate. The machine has six grind settings and eight strength settings.

The LCD display is an important feature to this machine – you will be able to get key information on what’s going on in it, including monitoring water level and the brewing time.

Not far from the LCD display, is the auto-start function that automatically starts grinding and brewing coffee as long as you have preset time. You can rest or do whatever things are pending and once the coffee is ready, the machine will turn itself off.


  • Easy to use
  • Temperature control feature


  • Price is on the higher side

#6. Cuisinart DGB-900BC Grind & Brew Thermal 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

Key Features

  • Large capacity carafe
  • Two-fold feature – burr grinder and drip coffeemaker in the same device
  • Strength selector; strong, medium or mild
  • Limited 3-year warranty

A low-end grinding cum brewing machine comes in the name of Cuisinart Coffee maker. It is one of the devices with very few details. But you won’t mind how it works to give its best coffee grinds.

The primary function conspicuously missing on this appliance is the lack of control over the grind texture of coffee you are making. This is particularly not an issue in other models within the same category.

The settings of strong, medium or mild ensure that you choose the right strength of operating the machine.


  • BPA free materials have been used to make the grinder
  • Easy to clean


  • Carafe not dishwasher safe

Final Thoughts

Whether the coffee grinder you are looking for is a burr grinder, the blade type coffee grinder or the coffee maker that has a grinder attached to it, there is a huge variety on the market. And choosing the best coffee grinder rests on your taste.

But one thing is for sure, these coffee grinders come loaded with a variety of features – from the basic to the high-end features.

Although the result is the same, an aromatic and tasty coffee filled with flavor for a morning drink. The more features a coffee grinder has, the pricier it becomes; so consider your budget while purchasing.

4 thoughts on “Coffee Grinders: Complete Buying Guide for July 2019”

    • Hi, Brian good to see your comment here in my opinion on both of these grinders:

      I own both. The Encore is exceptional value for money and a very nice grinder. The Virtuoso has lower grinds retention and fewer fines; it also looks nicer and is better built. With the French press, I have fewer fines in my cup with the Virtuoso and a smoother cup. It also brings out the flavors in your coffee a bit better than the Encore does (in all brewing methods I’ve used, not just espresso) due to the better burrs – I didn’t think I’d notice the difference, but I do! If you are the kind of person that looks at the roast date and flavor profile before buying your coffee, want to use properly roasted dark roasts without them tasting burnt and bitter, go with the Virtuoso. If you are upgrading from a whirlybird, the Encore will do a great job.

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