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How To Choose Your Best Espresso Coffee Machine ? Which Are The Best šŸ„‡

How To Choose Your Best Espresso Coffee Machine ? Which Are The Best šŸ„‡

Capsule machines, automatic espresso machines, espresso machine with grinder or family coffee makers, not all appliances meet the same needs. Here are some tips before making your purchase and a selection of products acclaimed by many users.

To enjoy the best espresso coffee at home, the coffee machines are always more innovative and allow the realization of a coffee of professional quality in a few seconds. Coffee and capsule coffee makers are the largest market share thanks to the simplicity of their use and the wide variety of references available. Other manual percolators make it possible to grind the coffee of your choice at the time of preparation, for an ideal aroma development. These devices allow the realization of only one or two cups of coffee simultaneously but guarantee a perfect product at the time of tasting.

To find the right model for your needs, some criteria are important to consider, such as the number of coffee drinkers in your home, or how much time you have to spend preparing for it in the morning before you go to work. As a result, the size of the tank and the power of the machine are elements that should not be neglected. For lovers of cappuccino or coffee latte, prefer devices with a steam nozzle for the production of milk foam.

Ā Best Espresso Coffee

best espresso coffee

The percolator orĀ espresso machine

Operation: A pod, grain or ground, automatic or manual, the offer of percolators is very extensive. The quality of coffee obtained with this type of device is well established. The water passes through the milling under high pressure, giving a full and dense beverage. The machines that are today most popular are those with capsules or paper pods. The powder is enclosed in single doses and it is only when the coffee is made that it is brought into contact with the hot water, which optimizes its conservation. To respect the environment and minimize the environmental impact, it is important to ensure the proper recycling of used pods and capsules. Note that the percolators in grain have an integrated mill to grind the coffee.

For who? Between the purchase price and the coffee refills, the cost price is quite high. These machines are perfect for coffee lovers, who like to have a choice for their tasting, and who drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day. Paper pods are less polluting than metal pods. Another remark, these machines require good maintenance: the scaling is frequent and blocks the use of the machine.

Coffee machine – Filter coffee makerĀ 

Operation: This is the Melitta system (named after its inventor, the German Melitta Benz). In a paper filter, the coffee is poured, then the quivering water flows gradually on the powder. The water takes care of the aromas of the coffee and pours into the pot located below the filter holder. It should be noted that by spraying the grounds with cold water before pouring the hot water, the coffee will gain in the aroma.

For who? These machines are ideal for large families and heavy drinkers of light coffees: they are economical and very easy to use. It is also the ideal machine for large meals with friends, because you can serve many cups quickly and economically.

Coffee machine – Piston coffee maker

How it works: Pour the powdered coffee into the jar and fill it with simmering water. After briefly mixing with a spoon, place the piston lid on the pot and let “pull” for 2 minutes. Gently lower the plunger and the filter plate will trap the marc at the bottom of the jar. The coffee can now be poured into the cups. This mode has the benefit of being fast. In addition, leaving the powder in contact with water for a longer or shorter time, the strength of the coffee can be determined.

For who? The interest of the piston coffee maker: it can be used everywhere! Hot water, coffee, and you’re done. It is therefore ideal in small kitchens since it takes up very little space and is suitable for a couple, or people living alone. In addition, it is the preferred method of preparation for professional tasters. It is also suitable for informed drinkers.

Pressure coffee maker (or Italian coffee maker)

Operation: Fill the lower part with water. Pour the coffee powder into the filter holder, insert it into the coffee maker and screw the top part onto the coffeemaker. Place the coffee pot on the fire. When the water reaches the boiling point, it is projected, passing through the grind, in the upper part of the coffeemaker. The coffee thus prepared is quite strong and full-bodied.

For who? All sizes of “mocha” are now found on the trade, from small two cups for a couple, to the big eight cups for the end of a dinner with friends. Coffee from this process is good, it is undeniable. Some disadvantages, however: the preparation is longer compared to other coffee makers, and we cannot immediately redo coffee. It is imperative to wait for the coffee maker to cool down to avoid burning yourself!

Two other factors are important to consider.

The brewing process:

This is the key moment in the preparation of your coffee. Water is injected into the ground coffee to extract all the aromas. Note that for an espresso, the ideal pressure is 15 bars. If you are worried about putting your coffee under too much pressure, be aware that some machines offer options that allow you to go from 2 bars to 15 bars of pressure.


Depending on the settings proposed by the machine, the panel can be more or less complete, with simple screens fitted with pictograms and direct access keys for navigation. Some options allow greater comfort in use, maintenance and more settings such as the length in cups, the intensity of the coffee or the temperature.


We hope that the information we provide in this article will support and help you gain an experience to choose for yourself the best automatic coffee machine to have a cup of best espresso coffee


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